NVIDIA: Wer war dabei ?

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17.02.20 12:33

62154 Postings, 7523 Tage KickyBarrons zu Nvidia

....As of this morning, at least 15 semiconductor analysts on the Street raised estimates and price targets on Nvidia?and that?s likely not a complete list.

Morgan Stanley analyst Joseph Moore made one of the biggest revisions, lifting his target to $304 from $259. He points out in a research note that the company?s data center business ?surged,? growing 33% sequentially in the quarter, ?well above other cloud providers, with guidance pointing to continued double-digit [sequential] growth in data center in April.?....
Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis says the beat-and-raise quarter was driven entirely by data center demand. ?Cloud vendors should see a step up in spend and clearly Nvidia has a combination of AI drivers layering in on top of this market improvement,? he writes. ?On the competitive front, there still appears little competition.??Net net, this was the Data Center acceleration many hoped for,? Curtis concludes. He repeats his Overweight rating, and ups his target price to $300, from $260.
Raymond James analyst Chris Caso, who repeats his Outperform rating and ups his target to $300, from $240, writes it?s striking that Nvidia posted such strong data center growth ....."  

18.02.20 23:45

12887 Postings, 4171 Tage RoeckiNeues ATH kurz ...

nach den Zahlen und den Kurszielerhöhungen. Wenn das so weiter geht, wird Nvidia absolut bald bei mir mehr Gewinn abwerfen als Apple. Prozentual ist Apple aber Spitzenreiter und Amazon macht sich auch auf den Weg.

Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen zwischen den Drei.

20.02.20 12:13

2803 Postings, 2904 Tage cesarnvidia Kaufen und halten

das ist eine Wette auf Amerika seit 2013  eine ver 20 fachung super !  

20.02.20 13:06

62154 Postings, 7523 Tage KickyHat die Rally von Nvidia Beine ?


"...These hyper-fast GPUs are becoming essential components in data centers and the development of AI. Nvidia is just scratching the surface of their chips? abilities. Analysts have recognized this and continue to price more into this stock.

22 out of 29 analysts are calling this stock a buy right now with Nvidia?s datacenter potential being the primary catalyst. Datacenter revenue hit its highest sales figures to date, and its gaming segment illustrated strong year-over-year growth.

Nvidia is also leveraging 5G with its anticipated cloud gaming platform. Like cloud computing is the future of business data and analytics, cloud gaming is the future of gaming. Nvidia is making a big bet in this field with its cloud platform, GeForce NOW. ..."  

26.02.20 18:31

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08.04.20 07:50

44 Postings, 611 Tage gerrard1987Mellanox Deal und noch Kurspotential

schon über ein Jahr wird auf den Deal gewartet, ursprünglich Ende 2019, dann Anfang 2020, dann März 2020 und was jetzt? Sieht danach aus, dass China das einfach aussitzt? Oder was ist der aktuelle Stand?

NVDIA ist super gelaufen die letzten 6 Monate. Ist hier noch Luft nach oben (Corona-Einfluss), eure Meinung?


23.04.20 09:07

62154 Postings, 7523 Tage KickyChina erteilt die Genehmigung zur Mellanox

Übernahme  17.04.2020
SANTA CLARA (IT-Times) - China erteilt die Genehmigung zur milliardenschweren Übernahme des Chip-Designers Mellanox durch den US-amerikanischen Grafikkarten-Hersteller nVidia.
Die Nvidia Corp. legt rund 6,9 Mrd. US-Dollar auf den Tisch, um den israelischen Chip-Designer Mellanox Technologies Ltd. zu übernehmen. Chinesische Behörden winken nun den Deal durch  

28.04.20 11:31

62154 Postings, 7523 Tage KickyMellanox Deal vollendet

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NVIDIA today announced the completion of its acquisition of Mellanox Technologies, Ltd., for a transaction value of $7 billion.


28.04.20 12:11

2231 Postings, 798 Tage neymarNvidia

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang calls Mellanox tie-up a ?homerun deal?


06.05.20 21:41

2231 Postings, 798 Tage neymarNvidia

10.05.20 16:01

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10.05.20 16:10

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11.05.20 17:56

1548 Postings, 3380 Tage PlattenulliNeues Allzeithoch $322,50 gute Leistung

Sollten Sie jetzt über den Kauf der NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) nachdenken?

11.05.20 21:18

1548 Postings, 3380 Tage PlattenulliNVA steigt auf neue Höhe

Nvidia steigt auf neue Höhe bei bullischer Note zum Mellanox-Deal
Laut Needham werden die Nvidia-Aktien auch von mehreren aktuellen Trends profitieren.

11.05.20 21:30

62154 Postings, 7523 Tage KickyReport am 21. May Needham Buy KZ 360

Ahead of the results, and following the recent strong run in the shares, an analyst at Needham hiked their Nvidia price target to a Street-high number.
Analyst Rajvindra Gill maintained a Buy rating and increased the price target from $270 to $360. Gill said in a Monday note: the chipmaker's recently completed Mellanox acquisition, strong gaming sales and solid data center performance.The analyst said Mellanox results have improved meaningfully since Nvidia announced its intention to acquire the Israeli chipmaker in March 2019.

11.05.20 21:32

62154 Postings, 7523 Tage KickyWill NVIDIA Get a Boost From New Gaming Laptops?

12.05.20 06:16

1548 Postings, 3380 Tage PlattenulliNVA Hopper-GPU auf dem 5-nm-Knoten von TSMC

NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) schließt auf einem neuen Allzeithoch, das durch einen historischen Kaufrausch und bullische Vermerke eines Needham-Analysten ausgelöst wurde

Durchgesickerte TSMC 5-nm-Produkte: AMD Zen 4-CPUs, RDNA3-GPUs, NVIDIA Hopper und möglicherweise eine Intel Xe-GPU

12.05.20 18:42

1548 Postings, 3380 Tage PlattenulliGPU-betriebenes DGX A100 Supercomputing-System

NVIDIA neckt Ampere GPU-betriebenes DGX A100 Supercomputing-System vor GTC 2020 und nennt es die weltweit größte Grafikkarte!

12.05.20 23:53

62154 Postings, 7523 Tage KickyZacks zu Nvidia heute

"The firm is also working on building out its cloud-based gaming platform, GeForce Now, for the next generation of mobile gaming. GeForce Now allows users to benefit from Nvidia?s best-in-class GPUs without having the hardware locally. This technology requires a fast internet connection and will continue to gain traction as 5G infrastructure rolls out.

The future of Nvidia is in its datacenter GPUs. Nvidia has pushed the capabilities of its hyper-fast GPU technology to levels that consistently amaze analysts. These GPUs are leading the development of deep learning & AI and being utilized by all major cloud providers. This segment has seen a compounded annual growth rate of 53% over the past 3 years, and this is only going to continue as the necessity for AI development becomes more pronounced.

Nvidia technology is being utilized in 5 out of the top 10 fastest supercomputers. The firm?s chips are also becoming integral in the development of VR/AR as well as autonomous driving. The capabilities and consistent innovation being driven by Nvidia are unmatched, and the company is undoubtedly going to be a digital chip leader in the 4th industrial revolution.

Analysts have been upgrading NVDA on the rare tailwind that this pandemic has provided its gaming and datacenter segments. These shares are trading at all-time highs surging past $320 in today?s trading. I would not suggest chasing this rally but would consider buying if these shares fell back below $300 (would love to see a pullback to $250, but not sure if that will happen)..."  

13.05.20 10:59

62154 Postings, 7523 Tage KickyHuang stellt am 14 Mai die grösste Grafikkarte vor

for GTC 2020
Enthusiast websites have speculated that the new graphics cards will feature a new GPU architecture, dubbed Ampere. These GPUs are expected to be part of the GeForce RTX 3080 and GeForce RTX 3070 cards coming later in the year, and they?re expected to be 75% faster than current-generation GPUs based on the Turing architecture, the websites speculated. One of the advantages is that they will be built on a 7-nanometer manufacturing process at Nvidia?s factory partner TSMC. These Ampere-based GPUs will have thousands of cores dedicated to non-graphics tasks (CUDA cores), AI work (Tensor Cores), and real-time ray tracing (RT cores).

The speech will air on YouTube on May 14 at 6 a.m.Pacific time  

13.05.20 11:04

62154 Postings, 7523 Tage KickyNvidias Q1 earnings expectations 21.May

Nvidia is scheduled to post its results for the first quarter of fiscal 2021 on May 21 after the market bell. The first quarter ended on April 26. Overall, Wall Street analysts expect Nvidia to report revenues of $2.98 billion in the first quarter?up 34.3% YoY (year-over-year). The semiconductor company will likely report an adjusted EPS of $1.68?up 91% YoY.
Based on the closing price on Monday, Nvidia stock was trading 10.2% above its 20-day moving average of $292.64. The stock is also trading 21.5% above its 50-day moving average of $265.61 and 24.5% above its 100-day moving average of $259.23.

14.05.20 08:17

1548 Postings, 3380 Tage PlattenulliNVA-Aktie hat eine starke Dynamik

Lang war beeindruckt vom Tages-Chart von Nvidia und stellte fest, dass die Aktie im April neue Höchststände erreichte. Die Ichimoku-Wolke der Aktie ist im grünen Bereich, tendiert höher und expandiert, was auf eine starke Dynamik hinweist. Der MACD, ein weiterer Momentumindikator, sah gerade einen zinsbullischen Crossover, der die Stärke der Aktie bestätigte.

14.05.20 11:32

1548 Postings, 3380 Tage PlattenulliWeltgrößte GPU mit 54 Millarden Transistoren

NVIDIA Ampere GA100 GPU-betriebener Tesla A100: Weltweit größte 7-nm-GPU, 54 Milliarden Transistoren, 1 Petaflops Compute und bis zu 96 GB HBM2-Speicher

Hardware- und Nachrichten-Links des 13. Mai 2020 

14.05.20 15:31

1548 Postings, 3380 Tage PlattenulliNvidia Ampere im Liveticker

JETZT: Nvidia Ampere im Liveticker: Warten auf die "weltgrößte Grafikkarte"

GTC 2020
Interessierte können die Präsentation am 14. Mai 2020 um 15:00 Uhr deutscher Zeit über Nvidias YouTube-Kanal mitverfolgen. Die letzten Jahre liefen die Keynotes zwei Stunden lang.

NVIDIA Ampere GA100 'Worlds Biggest 7nm GPU' Official - Deep Dive mit vollständiger Architektur, 8192 Kerne, 48 GB HBM2, 20x schneller als Volta

NVIDIA Ditches Intel Xeon macht alles mit AMDs EPYC-CPUs mit Ampere-GPUs der nächsten Generation möglich

Supermicro Redstone & Delta: Vier oder acht Nvidia-A100-GPUs treffen Dual-AMD-Epyc

Hardware- und Nachrichten-Links des 13. Mai 2020 

NVIDIA Ampere GA100 GPU-betriebener Tesla A100: Weltweit größte 7-nm-GPU, 54 Milliarden Transistoren, 1 Petaflops Compute und bis zu 96 GB HBM2-Speicher

GA100: 7 nm, 54 Milliarden Transistoren – NVIDIA präsentiert die Ampere-Architektur

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