Uranio AG. Trendwende am Uranmarkt eingeläutet

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05.08.10 18:50

26553 Postings, 5040 Tage brunnetaUranio AG. Trendwende am Uranmarkt eingeläutet

Ist die Trendwende am Uran-Markt jetzt endgültig eingeläutet? Erste Anzeichen dafür gab es zu Beginn dieser Woche, als der kurzfristige Spot-Markt-Preis für Uran um 4 USD auf nunmehr 46 USD ansteigen konnte. Der langfristige Uranpreis konnte von 58 auf 60 USD zulegen.

Keine Kauf-Empfehlung!!
Wer nicht fähig ist, selber eine Meinung zu bilden und eine Entscheidung zu treffen, darf nicht zur Börse.
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05.12.11 16:52

103 Postings, 4032 Tage vita20New projects

Coming soon!!! Lets hope all works out well ad Uranio gets proper value again!!  

05.12.11 23:34

9 Postings, 3640 Tage bm1987vita

yes, yes, Another bluff: (please do not speak if you do not knew what hapening there  

06.12.11 08:30

103 Postings, 4032 Tage vita20Uranio Ag

I am talking what I hear from them. U have evry right as an investor to call them!!

They are working on getting new projects and raise the shareprice. It least intentions are good!  

06.12.11 11:17

9 Postings, 3640 Tage bm1987Vita

I do not believe that you called because I've tried to get myself a few times on the phone and there is no answer!
Which number you called? What they told you about the project? I have heard through intermediaries that they try to make a new company that will deal with gold .. Uranio shareholders  will have a pre-emptive right ....? Uranio is expected to go into liquidation .....  

06.12.11 11:34

492 Postings, 3976 Tage oli59Das Goldprojekt ist wahrscheinlich:

Auris AG, Verwaltungsrat unser altbekannter P.G.! Die gleiche Masche wie bei Uranio! Wer das noch nicht gemerkt hat und darauf reinfällt ist selber schuld! Eine einzige Geldverbrennungsmaschine zur Abzocke gutgläubiger Aktionäre!!  

06.12.11 11:37

103 Postings, 4032 Tage vita20What have u heard?

Uranio is going int liquidation?
Uranio shareholders will have a pre-emptive right?
Uranio establishing new company?

They surelly didnt tell me that. No new company, no liquidation , just new gold projects.

I called Uranio Ag and got the Davids number from them, because they dont have the same adress anymore. Try the same!!  

06.12.11 11:40

103 Postings, 4032 Tage vita20Uranio Ag

I have doubts too about what is happening with Uranio and what they have done with money raised on the market. Thats why I try to find out the most!  

06.12.11 17:08

492 Postings, 3976 Tage oli59Immer schnell ablenken, vita20, sobald was

kritisches zu dieser schweizer Luftnummer geschrieben wird. Billig!!  

06.12.11 19:30

103 Postings, 4032 Tage vita20OLI59

This borad is to collect information. It doesnt matter good or bad as long as there  are some fundamentals to it.

I would glad to hear what u have found out in your research about Uranio Ag!!!!  

17.12.11 13:18

9 Postings, 3640 Tage bm1987vita

Hello vita 20

Did you found any new information about Uranio?
I Watching chart from Uranio and asking myself, who was buying shares last few months, because very big number of shares was sold/bought (+30 milion)
This give me very positive thought?  

17.12.11 15:29

15493 Postings, 5276 Tage nekroEin................

..........echter "Schweizer" mit dem altbekannten Kursverlauf,hehe ;-))))))))))))))9


21.12.11 20:53

103 Postings, 4032 Tage vita20watch out Nekro

Big jump coming soon. New projects etc.......better get ready for next year!!!

Looks like something is in work here....  

02.01.12 10:27

104 Postings, 4083 Tage GeldentwerterBörsengebühren?

Welchen Sinn hat es das Unternehmen fortzuführen, da fallen doch Gebühren und Arbeitsaufwand an...  

03.01.12 16:51

103 Postings, 4032 Tage vita20It makes sense only...

...if they plan to do new projects and if they intend to bring the stock price higher  

18.01.12 17:20

103 Postings, 4032 Tage vita20legal

Is this even legal  company not reporting its liquidation and not giving any updates for investors as Uranio Ag is doing???

It is surely very iresponsable!!!!

Uranio Ag in liquidation since 4.1.2012 and no ofitial statement from the company yet????  

18.01.12 21:48

103 Postings, 4032 Tage vita20Stadtsanwalt

Ich glaube Uranio Ag ist ein Fall fuer den Stadsanwalt. Gibt es daa noch andere Investoren die Geld in diesem Briefkasten veloren haben?

Uranio Ag sollte bei dem Stadsanwalt angemeldet werden, Ich glaube es its so wait wenn jemand das nicht schon gemacht hat.  

25.01.12 14:29

9 Postings, 3640 Tage bm1987v

could you translate last post to english please?  

06.02.12 17:07

103 Postings, 4032 Tage vita20Last post

Uranio is a case f lawyers not investors, thats all what I can say about this scam company.

Dont invest in anything , where promotion is coming from HDV or Uranio Ag. I am just starting state legal process against both companies. This is the matter for authorities and not us investors, because we can only loose more money in such scams. They are only selling shares and put the companies to liquidation afterwards. And no other efford or work has been done, no filling f legal exploration papers, no public announcments of licences etc....is anybody still sure about , they ever had any licences????  

06.02.12 17:11

103 Postings, 4032 Tage vita20NI 43-101

No legal exploration report internationaly known as NI 43-101 has been done, with all the money made with selling stocks. In 6 years they should be able to make this. Uranio Ag was a huge joke!!!!

Evry  decant exploration company manages this!!  

26.02.12 21:06

103 Postings, 4032 Tage vita20Uranio liquidaton

So finally liquidation and nobody even put news out on Uranio Ag homepage vrom Uranio people.  Risbey sais his only obligation is to pay taxes to Swiss gov, which being CEO is pretty unappropriate thing to say. Isnt this amaizng?

I wonder where will those 12,6 mil CHF go? ...what are teh shareholders getting?  

13.12.16 23:21

2 Postings, 1772 Tage UranioLossUranio AG lawsuit

Hi , did anyone file against Uranio AG and HDV, and can share with me the names of the lawyers? This is huge international scam, but I need to connect with other investors to make this step.. trying to figure out how to do that.. does anyone have any documents prooving that Uranio AG did not report on their web site for investors prior liquidation etc?

13.12.16 23:23

2 Postings, 1772 Tage UranioLosshelp Vita20

Dear Vita20, do you have any further into for Uranio AG you can help me with?  

25.04.21 01:31

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