Silver Spruce Res: Pope's Hill rare earth u.a.

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"Silver Spruce Resources Inc. is a Canadian publicly traded company that
trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol SSE with 105 MM
shares outstanding.
Surface samples at Melchett Lake yielded up to 28.8 g/t Gold and 19% Zinc
Surface sampling at Pino de Plata yielded silver grades over 1,100 g/t Ag
with highly anomalous grades of lead, zinc and gold.
The presence of historical artisanal mining in highly altered and oxidized
andesites, rhyolitic breccias and veins, coincident chargeability anomalies,
and discrete geochemical and structural trends containing broad areas of
elevated precious metal values to 3.41 g/t Au and 198 g/t Ag clearly define
anomalies for detailed exploration and drilling.
The Pope's Hill rare earth element (REE) trend extends along the Trans-Labrador Highway approximately 100 km west from Goose Bay. The Pope's Hill occurrence is a syenite-hosted highly enriched unit where whole-rock geochemical analyses indicate REE contents ranging from 1 to 22 weight percent. The high REE values are found in a massive, dark grey to black, sub-metallic to glassy allanite with another reddish brown mineral identified as Ce-titanite. Silver Spruce is seeking partners to advance the exploration potential.

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Ich bin schon länger bei Silver Spruce dabei

Der starke Fokus auf Silber und Gold und die guten Liegenschaften sprechen für sich. Da ich davon ausgehe, dass die Metalle auf Grund der massiven Gelddruckerei stark steigen werden, denke ich, dass Silver Spruce einer der spannenderen Explorer im Sektor ist. Der aktuell startende Run auf Seltene Erden dürfte bei SSE wohl wieder einen Fokus auch auf seltene Erden richten. Ich bin gespannt, wie das Unternehmen mit dem aktuellen Interesse umgeht!  

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