Rotten rotten rotten

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Tim McNulty
Fr., 6. März, 20:38 (vor 13 Stunden)
an mich

Clever ? tomatoes used to be grown in the Delta Greenhouse.

I am adding your email to our news blast list so you will be kept up to date with the activities of the Company. We do have a number of catalysts for the company moving forward. As licensing progresses and new products for the Cannabis 2.0 markets, AgraFlora becomes an operating company and I believe the company?s  market value will grow. The sector has been hit hard, but with the recent rationalization of projects in BC, AgraFlora continues to be in a very strong position. The Company?s market cap is approximately $70 million but once the Company begins operating and generating cash flow the value should grow.

In markets like these patience is a virtue.

All the best,

Tim M.

AgraFlora Organics International Ltd.  

18.07.20 00:21

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