Coal in Süd Afrika

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1841 Postings, 5204 Tage BioLogicCoal in Süd Afrika

Für mich sehr interessanter Wert. Sammeltime

Dass DD folgt.

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1841 Postings, 5204 Tage BioLogichält sich wacker


2014 wird Resource Gen Jahr...

bisschen kann Sie noch fallen,

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28.01.14 21:03

1841 Postings, 5204 Tage BioLogicbisschen DD

warum ich meine, dass 2014 das Jahr von resource gen wird.

Das Projekt overburden ist bereits genehmigt, die Mine befindet sich bereits seit 1 Januar in der Konstruktion, das Projekt wurde durch die Noble Group finanziert. In Waterburg liegen 744,8 mio tonnen Coal at 35% unter den Propertys von Resource Gen.

do your own math.

ein Auszug aus dem neuesten Funding.


2 January 2014

ASX Release

Resource Generation reduces funding requirements by obtaining a
US$65 million loan for infrastructure

Resource Generation has signed a binding term sheet for a US$65 million loan facility, with Noble
Resources International Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Noble Group (Noble), which
together with existing cash resources will be used for construction of the mine buildings and
infrastructure at the Boikarabelo mine.

The loan is on normal commercial terms and is able to be drawn down from 1 January
2014 until 31 December 2015.  It is secured over the site infrastructure and is repayable in full
by 31 March 2016, by which time the Boikarabelo mine is expected to be in production. The loan is
expected to be refinanced at that time when the completion risk is expected to have been

The US$65 million loan is in addition to the previously announced US$55.3 million loan for the
construction of the rail link from the Boikarabelo mine to the existing Transnet Freight Rail
network. The previously announced US$123 million loan facility dated 28
March 2013, which was subsequently reduced to US$67.7 million due to the rail link loan, expired on
31 December 2013 without any drawdowns having occurred. This change enables greater flexibility in
finalising remaining funding discussions.

Paul Jury, managing director, said: ?Completing these loan arrangements removes the remaining major
gap in our funding plans. Funding discussions for the purchase or lease of mobile equipment are at
an advanced stage with three parties. Our discussions are also continuing for obtaining project
finance for the coal handling and preparation plant.
Once these remaining discussions are complete, the main funding for the construction of
Boikarabelo will be in place.?

Noble is a global supply chain manager of agricultural and energy products and metals, minerals and
ores.  Noble is listed in Singapore (SGX: N21) and operates from over 140 locations.

Paul Jury, Managing Director on (02) 9376 9000 or
Steve Matthews, Company Secretary on (02) 9376 9000

Resource Generation is developing the Boikarabelo coal mine in the Waterberg region of South Africa
where there are probable reserves of 744.8 million tonnes of coal on 35% of the tenements under its
control. Stage 1 of the mine development targets saleable coal production of 6 million tonnes per
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28.01.14 21:05

1841 Postings, 5204 Tage BioLogicweiteres Funding auch vom 2 Januar

bei allem, DYODD do your own due dilligence

Funds received from Blumont
Further to the previous announcement on 18 December 2013, Resource Generation has received the deposit of $2.5 million from Blumont Group Ltd (Blumont) regarding its commitment to the placement of 102,596,530 shares at 22 cents per share, for which payment of $22,571,236.60 was due on 4 December 2013.
The settlement of the balance, including a commercial rate of interest, is due to occur on 26 February 2014. If Blumont does not settle on 26 February 2014, the deposit of $2.5 million will be forfeited with no issue of shares in relation thereto.
Resource Generation reiterates that the proposed placement to Blumont is in addition to the proceeds of $62.6 million from the recent entitlement offer, which was successfully completed in October 2013.
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