NVIDIA: Wer war dabei ?

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13786 Postings, 7607 Tage ParocorpNVIDIA: Wer war dabei ?


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23.05.20 11:23

63047 Postings, 7586 Tage KickyNvidia is not just a gaming company anymore

With first $1 billion data-center quarter and new segments, Nvidia shows that data center is just as important, if not .. As part of the report, Nvidia also began to report its business segments in a new manner, with segments for computing and graphics, setting up a side-by-side rivalry for the two core areas.
While the segment change ? going from a split between Nvidia?s GPU business and its Tegra processor business to differentiating between the uses of the chips Nvidia sells ? may seem minor, it is a sign that Nvidia sees these two uses of its chips as equally important.

Both of the core businesses benefited from the move to working from home while sheltering in place during the global pandemic. In addition, starting next quarter, its data-center business will include revenue from the company?s $6.9 billion acquisition of Mellanox, a high-performance computing chip maker it has partnered with recently on two of the world?s fastest supercomputers.
Nvidia NVDA, +2.86% co-founder and Chief Executive Jensen Huang told analysts on the company?s earnings conference call that graphics chips are now seen as a core component in server architecture...."

05.06.20 20:05

1552 Postings, 1516 Tage KorrektorAuch hier - eine verrückte Blase

KBV bei ca. 23.
KGV 2019 bei fast 100.
Das ist absolut (!) verrückt was an den US Börsen durch diese ETF-Fonds veranstaltet wird.  

09.06.20 19:23

110 Postings, 262 Tage GamenickAuch nicht schlimmer

als Tesla, Nvidia macht sogar Gewinn ! ;)  

14.06.20 13:03

63047 Postings, 7586 Tage KickyNVIDIA's upcoming graphics cards

"The Ampere architecture-based consumer graphics cards from NVIDIA could be based on a 7nm manufacturing process, though there are rumors suggesting that they may also be manufactured using a 10nm process. The Ampere-based graphics cards could hit the market close to the fourth quarter of 2020.

With this move, NVIDIA is expected to close the technology gap that AMD has enjoyed of late. It is rumored that the Ampere cards could be four times more powerful in ray-tracing performance, with the top of the line card expected to be 40% faster in terms of overall performance than its predecessor.

It remains to be seen how NVIDIA goes about the pricing of these cards, as the company has been making its offerings pricier of late. But NVIDIA may not have that luxury this time -- AMD looks all set to keep up the heat thanks to its upcoming GPUs based on the RDNA2 architecture, which is expected by the end of the year....."


24.06.20 09:18

1681 Postings, 3443 Tage PlattenulliMercedes fahren künftig mit NVIDIA-Computern

Daimler: Mercedes fahren künftig mit NVIDIA-Computern

Nvidia und Mercedes arbeiten zusammen, um Fahrzeuge der nächsten Generation herzustellen

24.06.20 10:32

63047 Postings, 7586 Tage KickyAb 2024 fußt die komplette Flotte v.Mercedes auf

künstlicherIntelligemz von Nvidia
Auch das Auto der Zukunft wird von Motoren angetrieben, ob elektrisch oder mit fossilem Brennstoff betrieben, doch entscheidender wird in Zukunft die Software sein, die das Auto steuert. Mit der Künstlichen Intelligenz werden Autos zu rollenden Computern. Dieser Wandel wird sich schneller vollziehen, als viele erwarten. Das ist zumindest die Botschaft, die Mercedes an diesem Dienstag mit der Ankündigung einer Kooperation mit dem US-Konzern Nvidia aussendet.

25.06.20 17:42

1681 Postings, 3443 Tage PlattenulliNvidia - Aktienanalyse

25.06.20 21:42

63047 Postings, 7586 Tage KickyZacks mit Buy für Nvidia

" NVDA topped our Q1 estimates on May 21, with revenue up 39%, driven by an 80% climb in data center revenue, which crossed the $1billion threshold for the first time. And NVDA?s new Ampere architecture is set to play a key role within AI-focused chips and in cloud computing

Nvidia in late April also closed its $7 billion acquisition?its largest ever?of Mellanox Technologies to help bolster its data center business and more. Nvidia?s earnings estimates have turned far more positive since its Q1 beats to help it earn a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) right now. Our Zacks estimates call for its revenue to jump 42% and 33%, respectively in Q2 and fiscal 2021. Meanwhile, NVDA?s adjusted earnings are projected to soar 57% and 36.5% over this same stretch. And Nvidia?s adjusted FY22 EPS figure is projected to jump another 22% higher on 18% higher sales.

NVDA stock is now up 60% in 2020, against its industry?s 6% climb, and 135% in the last year. NVDA?s valuation picture is a bit stretched, but investors have been willing to pay a premium for Nvidia for five years now and its stock price sits just off its new highs. And Wall Street might continue to scoop up Nvidia for its longer-term growth outlook within cloud computing, gaming, and more. Plus, Nvidia pays a dividend, is part of an industry that rests in the top 8% of our Zacks industries, and boasts a strong balance sheet."


01.07.20 09:34

63047 Postings, 7586 Tage KickyKönnte Nvidia dich zumMillionär machen ?

"... NVIDIA is just getting started. The company could deliver significant gains for investors as it expands the application of its technology beyond gaming. Let's take a deeper dive into NVIDIA and what it does to get a better sense of whether it could be a millionaire-maker stock.

More than gaming
NVIDIA still generates the largest share of its revenue from gaming, but it's no longer just a gaming company. It's applied its expertise in computing power to data centers, a key component of the red-hot cloud computing space, and to the market for artificial intelligence (AI).
Various industries, such as automotive, use NVIDIA's AI capabilities, particularly in the realm of self-driving cars. NVIDIA recently announced a partnership with Daimler (OTC:DMLR.Y) subsidiary Mercedes-Benz to deliver self-driving and other technological advances to the Mercedes-Benz fleet by 2024. NVIDIA's automotive revenue has grown at a 22% CAGR over the last five fiscal years.

NVIDIA also possesses a thriving data center business, which provides GPUs and other components to data centers, the locations where technology companies house computing and networking equipment for cloud computing and other uses. NVIDIA's data center offerings are employed by every major cloud provider, including Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure.

In NVIDIA's first quarter of fiscal 2021 (which ended April 26), its data center division reached the $1 billion mark for the first time,....."

07.07.20 21:21

5874 Postings, 4029 Tage tagschlaefernvidia ist quasi die zweite tesla -

nein noch geiler :D
papertrader und fakedepot kopierer

08.07.20 10:36

110 Postings, 262 Tage GamenickVergleich

Nvidia Performance 1 Jahr:  +151,57%
Tesla Performance 1 Jahr: +501,75%

Finde den Unterschied ;)  

08.07.20 12:38

63047 Postings, 7586 Tage KickyBank of America neues KZ $ 460 von 420

08.07.20 12:46

63047 Postings, 7586 Tage KickyBegründung BofA

Bank of America raised its price target on the stock to a Street high and said survey checks showed ?strong trends? surrounding the gaming industry and that Nvidia had ?leading? long-term growth.

?We maintain Buy on NVDA and raise PO to a street-high $460 from $420 now based on 45x CY21 PE ex-cash (vs. 41x prior due to rising market multiples), a premium to peers but justified based on NVDA?s leading long-term growth and exposure to our favored end markets "

09.07.20 18:09

63047 Postings, 7586 Tage KickyNVIDIA: The backbone of the cloud market


"NVIDIA supplies graphics processing units (GPUs) to all the major cloud providers, and its sales growth in that market has been explosive. Its data center revenue soared from $339 million in fiscal 2016 to $2.99 billion in fiscal 2020. Sales in that segment totaled $1.14 billion in the first quarter of fiscal 2021, up 80% year over year.

NVIDIA just launched the A100 GPU, which will be deployed by Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Baidu Cloud, Dell Technologies, Alphabet's Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Its DGX A100 can use up to 56 GPUs to handle the most demanding high-performance workloads, such as artificial intelligence applications.

Selling this high-powered hardware is great for margins. Non-GAAP gross margin increased to 65.8% last quarter, up 6.8 percentage points year over year. This was due to a favorable sales mix of GeForce GPUs for gaming and higher data center sales.

NVIDIA just completed its acquisition of Mellanox, a leading supplier of switches, cables, and other networking solutions for data centers. Mellanox will be included in NVIDIA's data center segment and gives the company a much wider catalog of offerings with which to compete for business as the big cloud providers expand their data center operations.

With the addition of Mellanox, NVIDIA expects fiscal second-quarter revenue to reach approximately $3.65 billion, up 41% year over year. NVIDIA is in a great position to benefit from the growth of cloud computing..."

16.07.20 10:23

63047 Postings, 7586 Tage KickyNvidia : Cowen hebt Kursziel auf $475 von $410

"Nvidias  new chip architecture will benefit from data-center and gaming product cycles, said Cowen analyst Matthew Ramsay in raising his target price on the stock.

Ramsay raised his price target on the Santa Clara, Calif., chip titan to $475 from $410 and affirmed his outperform rating.

He based his action on the product-cycle benefits for Nvidia?s new Ampere architecture, The Fly reports.

16.07.20 15:44
Lets go :-)  

21.07.20 09:59

5874 Postings, 4029 Tage tagschlaeferjoa, wir haben noch zwei interessante quartals-

sessions vor uns... gibt es zu beiden terminen anfang august und november bei nvidia n upbeat, stehen wir ende november locker bei 500+ usd :)
papertrader und fakedepot kopierer

23.07.20 19:25

38 Postings, 60 Tage InTimeToTime?!

Uff, warum dreht den das Teil Grad so ins negative?!
War's das schon oder geht's hier trotz Top News abwärts?  

23.07.20 20:26

18 Postings, 67 Tage _Hajo@InTimeToTime

Versteh ich ehrlich gesagt auch nicht... und dass nach einer Performance von nur +160% in 12 Monaten. Das KGV dürfte auch noch unter 100 sein, also da ist definitiv noch Luft nach oben!


24.07.20 13:04

63047 Postings, 7586 Tage KickyÜbernummt Nvidia ARM

Massive Chip Deal In The Works? Nvidia, the leader in graphic processors, has made an approach in recent weeks to buy Arm, Bloomberg reported Tuesday, citing people with knowledge of the matter.

"We don't comment on rumors or speculation," a Nvidia spokesperson told Benzinga Tuesday when asked for comment on a potential bid for Arm.

ich denke das sit nicht der Grund für den Abstieg, sondern viel mehr stürzen gerade sogar alle FAANGS wegen befürchteter Konflikte mit China und erhöhten Arbeitslosenzahlen in USA meldete Marketwatch  

25.07.20 01:56
Uff das heißt der Corona Börsen Crash steht an?

29.07.20 09:00

1187 Postings, 1909 Tage phre22Nvidia

Wird hier im Quick-Check besprochen - spannedes Thema! :-)



29.07.20 18:23

63047 Postings, 7586 Tage KickyOurperforming Semiconductor Stock NVDA

"NVDA plans to collaborate with the University of Florida to build the world?s fastest AI supercomputer in academia. Furthermore, the Royal Bank of Canada chose NVIDIA DGX Systems for its private AI cloud. The company?s data center business performed well in the first quarter and secured a record $1 billion in the quarter. NVDA?s focus on AI and cloud computing separates the company from the pack and makes it an interesting avenue for investors.

The consensus EPS estimate of $1.97 for the current quarter indicates a year-over-year increase of 58.9%. Also, it is impressive to note that the company beat consensus EPS estimates in each of the trailing four quarters. NVDA has gained more than 70% since its March lows.
NVDA?s POWR Ratings reflect a promising outlook. It has an overall rating of ?Strong Buy? with an ?A? for Trade Grade, Peer Grade, Buy & Hold Grade and Industry Rank. Among the 86 stocks in the Semiconductor & Wireless Chip industry, it is ranked #2.


31.07.20 20:23

455 Postings, 1722 Tage Falco447Das

wäre doch was feines.

Bei Softbank geht es an die Kronjuwelen: In seiner Geldnot will der Investor sein größtes Tech-Investment auflösen. Nun kristallisiert sich ein möglicher Käufer heraus.

02.08.20 12:22

63047 Postings, 7586 Tage KickyIs Nvidia a Buy? Motley Fool

The COVID-19 crisis has not slowed down NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) as its stock is up 78% year to date, following back-to-back quarters of robust operating results. NVIDIA's gaming segment revenue increased 27% year over year in the most recent quarter, but it's the data center business that's in the spotlight after posting growth of 80%.

NVIDIA's momentum should continue in the near term. Its new Ampere graphics processing unit (GPU) for data centers is currently in production. NVIDIA also recently completed the acquisition of data center networking provider Mellanox, which is expected to be accretive to NVIDIA's margins and profits in the next quarter. But investors have to weigh these strengths against a valuation that already factors in a lot of upside.
NVIDIA's new Ampere GPUs are a significant jump in performance over the previous generation, and it's driving the strongest demand NVIDIA has ever experienced in the data center segment. The A100 GPU based on Ampere was just announced in May and is in full production. It is up to 20 times faster for artificial intelligence workloads. Major cloud providers are adopting the chip, which contributed to NVIDIA's strong fiscal first quarter.  During the latest conference call, CEO Jensen Huang said, "The demand is fantastic. It is the best ramp we've ever had." The demand was strong enough to send data center revenue above the $1 billion level for the first time. The segment made up 37% of NVIDIA's top line in the first quarter, up from 29% in the year-ago period.
I own shares I intend to hold for many years. NVIDIA's long-term growth looks bright, given the secular demand trends from cloud computing. Plus, growth in the video game industry should support rising sales of gaming graphics cards over time. NVIDIA also has upside in the self-driving car space, where it just signed a potentially lucrative deal with Mercedes-Benz.

But if I were starting a new position, I would wait for a better entry point.


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