Genprex -- Immunogene Therapy VS NSCLC

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2695 Postings, 2092 Tage centsucherGenprex -- Immunogene Therapy VS NSCLC

Genprex mit ihrem Hauptproduktkandidat Onkoprex in Phase2

Combining Oncoprex? With Tarceva®

A phase I/II clinical trial is underway evaluating intravenous Oncoprex in combination with Tarceva® (erlotinib) in stage IIIB/IV lung cancer patients without an activating EGFR mutation and in patients with an activating EGFR mutation whose cancer has progressed on erlotinib therapy.

  We believe that the results from the ongoing Phase II trial to date are encouraging. Out of 10 patients, 9 had received 2 or more cycles and were therefore evaluable for response. Four patients had tumor regression. The median duration of response is 3 months. The disease control rate (CR+PR+SD > 8weeks) was 78%, which substantially exceeds the 7% response rate (with no CRs) and 58% disease control rate reported for the LUX-Lung 1 trial, a clinical trial of afatinib in a comparable group of patients.

One patient in the Phase II combination trial had a Complete Response

Studienende :

Estimated Primary Completion Date  :March 2020
Estimated Study Completion Date  :July 2020

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2695 Postings, 2092 Tage centsucherGut, nach gestern darf es auch mal runter gehen.

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2695 Postings, 2092 Tage centsucherGenprex hat noch Zeit!!

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2695 Postings, 2092 Tage centsucherpositive preclinical data

Genprex Collaborators Report Positive TUSC2 and Checkpoint Blockade Preclinical Data at the 2019 AACR Annual Meeting  

11.09.19 16:35

2695 Postings, 2092 Tage centsucherMittwoch, 11.09.2019

Independent Researchers Find Genprex?s TUSC2 Prevents Tumor Growth in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer  

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