Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

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15.11.14 10:58

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaRakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

- und daher habe ich mir nach dem Einstieg bei Alibaba, die inzwischem mehr als 20% gut gemacht haben, auch einige Rakutens gekauft.

Look Out Amazon, Here Comes...Rakuten?
Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten announced on Tuesday it is acquiring Ebates for $1 billion.

The acquisition, which Rakuten hinted at last week, is part of the Japanese company?s push to grow its base beyond its domestic market and hopefully, become a global player. Having made some $1.2 billion acquisitions to date along these lines, this is Rakuten?s most ambitious move to date.

However, investors are dubious that the company can absorb yet another foreign acquisition, much less one the size of Ebates, despite Rakuten?s strong cash position.
Then there is the ever-present Amazon, which dominates the e-commerce market in the U.S. Few believe it will falter in the face of Chinese giant Alibaba, much less a Rakuten-Ebates combo.

Rakuten Goes Forth

Not surprisingly, Rakuten says it is undaunted. For starters, it has assembled a very interesting mix of acquisitions. There is messaging app Viber, which it purchased for $900 million in February, the Canadian ebook offering Kobo, Spanish video service Wuaki.tv, Viki, a digital content platform and Buy.com.
Now it has picked up Ebates.

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13.02.20 22:16

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage Libuda1,4 Milliarden US-Dollar sind zwar gutes Geld

aber im Fall von Pinterest hätte ich mir auch noch höhere Erlöse vorstellen können, denn sowohl ein früherer Verkauf als in Q4/19 als auch ein Verkauf in diesem Quartal hätten u.U. zu höheren Erlösen geführt. Da man hier drei Unternehmen (Overdrive, Pinterest und Careem) zusammengefasst hat, lässt sich nur schwer ein Urteil über die Verkaufsstrategie fällen.

Rakuten sells entire Pinterest stake as it offloads tech holdings

TOKYO -- Japanese e-commerce conglomerate Rakuten on Thursday said it sold $1.4 billion worth of shares in its technology holdings, including its entire stake in U.S. social networking service Pinterest, underlying growing concerns about overvaluations in the sector.


14.02.20 08:18

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage Libudazu 4781

Und im Gegensatz zur deutschen Situation hat sich Rakuten im digitatlen Zahlungsverkehr nicht von den US-Internet-Riesen die ?Butter vom Brot nehmen lassen?.

Total number of Rakuten Pay Users = 46 million
(As of December 2019)

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14.02.20 11:27

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaVerdeckte positive Entwicklung

Das Operating Income ist zwar  von 161,1 JPY bn in 2018 auf 95,1 JPY bn in 2019 gefallen, aber das FY18 Operating Income (excl. gains from investment business) ist von 89,4 JPY bn auf das FY19 Operating Income (excl. gains from investment business, upfront investments for future growth) von 91,3 JPY bn gestiegen.

Latest IR MaterialsFull Year and Fourth Quarter 2019Download presentation material


14.02.20 11:35

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14.02.20 16:47

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaThe radio access is done.

Certainly, since we started in June 2018 until today, we had over 150 global mobile operator coming to Japan. We have met with various government agencies to understand the tenants of the technology. And the first question they asked, "What are the key success factors? What differentiates Rakuten network?" And ladies and gentlemen, I think you have attended -- I see some of you have -- have came here many times before. Believe me, these moments are very special. I think this is the recreation of something much bigger than AWS. This is the opportunity to look at networks in a very different view. So for us, we started with things that matter financially. We started by saying the radio access network must be virtualized. This is where almost 75% of ad caps get spend. So first thing that we had to do, we had to accomplish the virtualization of radio access. As I told some of you before, this is what we've been told before, it's impossible. It cannot be done. And this is the things that, I think, we have finished in the past 18 months. The radio access is done.


14.02.20 17:48

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaPflichtlektüre: Mitschrift des kompletten

14.02.20 19:19

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaLyft is a Jeremy Grantham's Top 5 Buy

Jeremy Grantham's Top 5 Buys of the 4th Quarter

February 13, 2020

Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo, the firm co-founded by Jeremy Grantham (Trades, Portfolio), disclosed this week that its top five buys for fourth-quarter 2019 were Humana Inc. (NYSE:HUM), Lyft Inc. (NASDAQ:LYFT), The Stars Group Inc. (NASDAQ:TSG), Wright Medical Group NV (NASDAQ:WMGI) and Tiffany & Co. (NYSE:TIF).

According to GuruFocus, Lyft has a cash-to-debt ratio of 6.96, suggesting good short-term financial strength.


15.02.20 08:24

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaThe most important message from Conference Call

In Mobile World Congress, we were going to announce something very, very special. And hopefully, we will find time to explain this to you. The definition of Rakuten Mobile platform, RMP, which is the world's first cloud connectivity platform, I think, hopefully, in future sessions, we will show and demonstrate how this is going to change, not just the telco industry in Japan, but I think the opportunity, as we look abroad, the interest from many, many partners is very huge. And I think this is where the future is, but Japan must be perfected. First use case is in Japan. And then we go from Japan, across the world and export a technology that was built in this country to other markets.


15.02.20 11:45

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaRakuten ist einer der Eigner von ViSENZE

SINGAPORE, 5 February 2019 ? Today, iPrice Group and ViSENZE announced a partnership that will bring more exciting products to shoppers when they shop with their AI-powered Shopping Lens embedded in their smartphones. Since 2019, smartphone users across Southeast Asia are able to use Visual Shopping Lens powered by ViSenze on their mobile phones to check if an item is available for online purchase.

As part of the partnership, iPrice brings over a billion new products from thousands of merchants across Southeast Asia for consumers to choose from when they shop with their mobile phone Shopping Lens that is powered by ViSENZE.

iPrice Group catalogs more than 1 billion products from seven countries, namely Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, and Hong Kong. With the booming E-commerce market in these countries, especially Vietnam and Indonesia, both iPrice and ViSenze vow to work together for continuous technology and catalog enhancements for the best user experience in the region.  


15.02.20 13:04

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaRakuten Ichiba, last year, had a very strong year

In short, Rakuten Ichiba, last year, had a very strong year. Every year, it's been growing. But in the last several years, last year's growth was especially strong. There are different key metrics that we are looking at. But for the growth of the mall, what is important is the number of customers. So the customer base has been growing steadily. But on top of that, the existing customers' frequency -- shopping frequency has been going up as well as LOB. So those are important factors. But for the growth of the shopping mall, the number of customers, that is the most important trigger or metric. And last year, we had a very good growth in these metrics.



15.02.20 16:22

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaGute Entwickung bei Rakuten Rewards

(trotz der Umbenennung ? früher Ebates bzw. Rakuten Ebates)

Rakuten Rewards(Ebates)GMS, in Millionen US-Dollar

Q4/17 = 3685

Q1/18 = 2259

Q2/18 = 2494

Q3/18 = 2537

Q4/18 = 4219

Q1/19 = 2686

Q2/19 = 2970

Q3/19 = 2930

Q4/19 = 4704

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15.02.20 19:03

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaNicht ganz so glatt verlief es bei den Gewinnen,

wobei die Rebranding-Kosten noch herausgerechnet wurden, man ist aber wieder in der Spur:

Rakuten Rewards(Ebates)Operating Income*(USDmm)

* Excludes rebranding cost of USD 36.3 million(Q1/19),USD30.4million(Q2/19),USD20.4million(Q3/19)and USD27.3million(Q4/19)

Q4/17 = 28,3

Q1/18 = 10,5

Q2/18 = 22,1

Q3/18 = 14,1

Q4/18 = 22,5

Q1/19 = 9,4

Q2/19 = 22,7

Q3/19 = 13,7

Q4/19 = 28,3

Latest IR MaterialsFull Year and Fourth Quarter 2019Download presentation material

Das ergibt in 2019 immerhin einen Gewinn von 74,1 Millionen und bei einem KGV von 25, das eher niedrig angesetzt ist einen Unternehmenswert von 1,85 Milliarden US-Dollar.


15.02.20 21:40

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaMan merkt die "Handschrift" von Rakuten

die ca. 40% an Cabify halten und nicht auf Konfrontation/Verdrängung, sondern auf Zusammenarbeit ausgerichtet sind, und Vorschriften und Gesetze beachten.

Cabify, an app that allows users to request transportation, incorporates a new service in its platform.
The new service is in the category "Taxi", which allows users to request a taxi through the Cabify app, enjoying advantages such as the possibility of making payment in cash. This bet of Cabify translates into greater availability of services for users, and is also an invitation to taxi drivers to become driving partners of the app.

Call for the taxi sector

In this way, Cabify seeks to establish synergies and promote alliances with the taxi sector so that, rather than an alternative of the competition, they become authentic collaborators and allies.


15.02.20 22:22

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaRakuten ist einer der Eigner von Go-Jek

Miguel Cordon · 4 Nov 2019 · 2 min read

Gojek to enter Malaysia, the Philippines in 2020

Ride-hailing giant Gojek revealed upcoming plans for its business, which include expanding its services to Malaysia and the Philippines in 2020, Jakarta Globe reported.

The company is looking to change the ratio of its domestic versus international customers from 80:20 to 50:50 in the next five years, Gojek co-CEO Andre Soelistyo said during the celebration of the company?s ninth anniversary in Jakarta.


15.02.20 22:38

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaAltiostar, NEC Link to Crack 5G vRAN Market

Dan Meyer | Editor-in-Chief January 27, 2020 6:36 PM

Altiostar Networks, NEC, and its subsidiary Netcracker Technology are pooling their resources to crack the 5G open virtual radio access network (vRAN) market. That market is currently dominated by traditional RAN vendors like Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, and ZTE.

The two firms are also tied to Rakuten Mobile?s plans to launch as a fully virtualized network operator in Japan. Rakuten was a lead investor in Altiostar?s $114 million Series C funding round last year. NEC scored a deal shortly after with Rakuten to jointly develop open vRAN equipment for 5G services.

DC reported in its 2018 ?Worldwide 5G Network Infrastructure Forecast? that a large portion of 5G investments will be spent on the RAN, and it estimates that the RAN will grow at a 156.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2018 to 2022.

Analysts have cited the company?s aggressive push into the space, including its work with Rakuten Mobile. ?Altiostar has beaten them to that in terms of the first global virtualized RAN with Rakuten,? Rajesh Rhai, research director for IDC?s network infrastructure research program, told SDxCentral last year. ?Rakuten has kind of been the poster child for virtualized RAN deployment.?

Altiostar has also been grouped alongside a handful of U.S.-based RAN vendors that could benefit from the U.S. government?s ongoing attempts to exclude China-based vendors from 5G networks.


16.02.20 08:41

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaDie wichtigste Frage und die wichtigste Anwort

Unidentified Analyst:
?And so you think you have capacity for 12 million users gigabyte per month per day??

Tareq Amin, Rakuten, Inc. - Group Executive VP & Chief Architecture Officer:
?Yes. Yes. Yes. So let me tell you about the -- because that's a really important point about capacity. We purposely have driven every site that we have, have dark fiber. We have an ability to put 10 gigabit per eNodeB. It's a massive capacity. We own the dark fiber for our backbone. Supports 8 tera of capacity. So on our own network, it's brilliant. I think we are ready. The choke points, I think that someone asked about earlier, is about the radio access because it has a limitation to spectrum. I also feel very optimistic that with 5G, we'll be able to do the necessary data offload. So I feel really, really optimistically that we will not have massive choke points. It does not mean that we underestimate the demand. I think we just need to have the right solution to do this data offload in short-term and midterm as 5G comes.?

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16.02.20 12:29

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage Libudazu 4797: Sorry, das Zitat stammt nicht aus der

dort angegebenen Quelle, sondern ist Bestandteil der Fragen und Antworten im Rahmen des Conference Calls, die textmäßig nur hier enthalten sind:


16.02.20 12:56

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaOver demand, not under demand

Concerned right now is over demand, not under demand

Oliver Matthew from CLSA: ?I have 3 questions. The first question, could you -- I know you're going to announce the marketing plan later, the pricing plan. Could you tell us more in terms of the marketing strategy. Obviously, you were very successful with credit card having very low acquisition costs. So will you start targeting the kind of key or e-commerce user base. Is that the right way to think about the marketing??

Unidentified Company Representative: ?So there's a several advantage as our MVNO service business in Japan, right? Obviously, our flexible and scalable and very economically efficient network. We are asking about the flexibility in terms of pricing and also not the pricing, but the service package. The second is Rakuten Group, if you think about not only in card, now Rakuten Bank getting about 6,000 applications per day. Rakuten Life Insurance, growing really fast. So our ability to acquire a customer is unbelievable. So what we are concerned right now is over demand, not under demand. These user are heavy Internet users. So they will buy more, they will use more Rakuten services. The synergy with that is going to be very big.?



16.02.20 15:27

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaAnd now 1,150,000 user Dec/19


And now 1,150,000 user Dec/19

ViberRevenue: Strong growth in both Telco (Viber in/Out) and content revenue

Total revenue
+29.7% YoY

Latest IR MaterialsFull Year and Fourth Quarter 2019Download presentation material


16.02.20 17:05

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaAd Business: Excellent Development in 2019

Q1/19 = 26,0 JPY bn

Q2/19 = 27;0 JPY bn

Q3/19 = 27,9 JPY bn

Q4/19 = 31,4 JPY bn

Total/2019 = 112,3 JPY bn = ungefähr 1,02 Milliarden US-Dollar

Latest IR MaterialsFull Year and Fourth Quarter 2019Download presentation material


17.02.20 07:58

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaReasons for Differences

In the fiscal year ended December 31, 2019, high levels of growth at existing businesses including gross merchandise sales at domestic e-Commerce businesses such as Rakuten Ichiba, and in Rakuten Card shopping transaction volumes and revolving balances on the back of expansion of the card membership base, resulted in revenue of 1,263,932 million yen (up 14.7% year-on-year).

On the other hand, operating income was 72,745 million yen (down 57.3% year-on-year), mainly due to an increase in upfront investments in the mobile business and the logistics business in domestic e-Commerce. In addition, the Company determined that there was objective evidence that the investment in Lyft, Inc., which is accounted for by the equity method, was impaired due to a significant fall in the market price of its shares, and an impairment loss of 102,873 million yen was recorded in the three months ended September 30, 2019. As a result, net loss attributable to owners of the parent company was 31,888 million yen (compared with a profit of 142,282 million yen in fiscal year ended December 31, 2018), which caused a difference in earnings between the two fiscal years.


17.02.20 14:35

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37 Postings, 494 Tage jakobjrAriva/W:O schafft es einfach nicht

Beiträge wie 4803 oder 4802 (und ca. 1000 mit gleichem Autor) schnell zu löschen bzw. erst gar nicht zuzulassen.
Ich würde sogar Spam der ersten Kategorie augenzwinkernd tolerieren, wenn uns der Dauerspammer dafür erspart bliebe.

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19.02.20 13:56

51305 Postings, 5531 Tage LibudaLyft resumes shared electric bike rentals in NYC

Lyft resumes shared electric bike rentals in NYC
By Tina Bellon
February 19, 2020

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Lyft Inc  will roll out a fleet of several hundred electric bikes for rent across New York City, the company said on Wednesday, 10 months after it pulled them following complaints and injury reports.

The bikes will be available at any of the city's nearly 900 Citi Bike stations for a per-minute fee, versus a flat rate for non-electric shared bikes.

New York, the most populous U.S. city with over 19 million people, is an attractive market for transportation providers. The city signed an exclusive deal with Lyft to operate its bike-share system after Lyft acquired the previous operator in 2018.

Named after program sponsor Citibank , the blue bikes have experienced surging demand since their debut in 2013. Last year, nearly 21 million trips were completed on about 12,000 bikes, up more than 18% from the previous year, according to city data.


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